From “Exciting” to “Hendry Bears”: International magazine raves about Luca Brazel’s comeback | Snooker

In snooker’s birthplace, the United Kingdom, Luca Brazel’s performance was enthusiastically received. Quality newspaper Guardian Talks about “the biggest comeback in World Cup history”.

The newspaper sympathized with Si, who collapsed completely after a good start. “It was hard not to sympathize with Si, who, at 20, looked like the youngest Crucible finalist in history. He watched as Brazel became more and more dejected in his chair as he continued to win rule after rule.”

popular the sun The headline, “Bell of the Balls,” didn’t shy away from big words. “This is the most significant turnaround in the 47-year history of this theater.”

“No one has ever fought back from 9 frames down in a match, not even as talented as Ronnie O’Sullivan or Stephen Hendry.”

“Unbelievable when you consider Brezel says he gets bored playing long games and sometimes loses his focus. Seven-time world champion Hendry surely owes Brezel one of the strongest Belgian beers.”

Our Northern Neighbors NOS Talks about “a sensational victory for Belgium”. “He bowed out against China’s Chi Jiahui with eleven frames in a row (the longest streak ever in a World Cup) to turn a hopeless score (5-14) into a victory.”

Bee AD People spoke of a “great comeback” and marveled again at Brazil’s unorthodox preparation for this World Cup.

“When The Belgian Bullet won against Mark Williams in the second round, he drank too much and played FIFA, but that’s not recommended tonight.”

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