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With the trip to the wreck of the Titanic, Hamish Harding was far from his test piece. In 2021, the British businessman set two world records with an expedition to the Mariana Trench, the deepest known place in the ocean. Last year he was one of the astronauts who went into space. More expensive and extravagant than ever, where do the rich get their kicks these days?

Expedition to the South Pole: 90 thousand euros per person

Founded by professional rock climber Patrick Woodhead White Desert Antarctica On an expedition of wealthy adventurers. For €90,000, they are expected to arrive in Cape Town two days before kick-off. Then a private jet takes them to Antactica, where they spend eight nights in fiberglass ball cabins. Tired of all that hiking and paragliding on your back? Then there is the possibility of traveling to the South Pole itself. “Harding himself has traveled to Antarctica with us many times, including with astronaut Buzz Aldrin,” Woodhead said.

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Climbing Mount Everest and Lotus: 85,000 euros per person

Mountaineer Garrett Madison provides 41 days for tourists to Mount Everest and Lhotse (respectively the highest and third highest mountain in the world; ed.). Even over 8,000 metres, daredevils can look forward to a gas shower and a world-class chef serves T-bone steaks, lamb chops and salmon fillets. It is not a cheap hobby, but it is definitely worth every penny.

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trip to space

At Blue Origin, there is a great deal of secrecy around pricing. Famous names can count on discounts, so a line can’t be drawn right away. It is estimated that flying at an altitude of 100 kilometers and experiencing weightlessness for a few minutes costs “ordinary people” about 1.1 million euros. Virgin Galactic (from Richard Branson) charges €410,000 for a similar experience. Side note: These space tourists “only” get as high as 82 kilometers.

look. The first successful passenger space flight

Elon Musk sees it as more ambitious with his SpaceX hardware. When fully operational, the Starship’s super-sized reusable rocket wants to launch hundreds of tourists at a time more than 100 kilometers into the air.

Hamish Harding participated in the Blue Origin space mission himself last year.
Hamish Harding participated in the Blue Origin space mission himself last year. ©AP

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