Wednesday is the most popular English-language series on Netflix according to the new counting system

Shocking news on Netflix! The streaming service has modified its counting system. They no longer look at watch hours, but at watch numbers when it comes to records. In this way, the battle between series with long and short episodes is even. Through this new system climbs Wednesday Also directly at the top of the English language series on the streaming service.

Several years later Weird things It is no longer the most popular series on Netflix. While everyone always assumed the series was a spin-off for the streaming service, now that seems to be the case Wednesday He is. In the new counting system, the Tim Burton series shines at the top of the rankings.

new system

Saturday in the first week after its release in November 2022 Wednesday Indeed, 341.2 million watch hours, and in the second week, 752.5 million watch hours. In its third week, the series can count on a total of 1.02 billion hours. After 28 days, Tim Burton’s fictional series has come to an end Over 1.19 billion watch hourswhile stranger things 4 1.35 billion watch hours countable after one month. In this issue, the latest new season of Weird things So be on top.

But this is no longer the case. Netflix has adjusted its number. From now on, the streaming service no longer looks at the number of hours a series or movie has been watched, but at the number of viewers. Since the first season of Wednesday In its entirety it takes less time than the fourth season of Weird thingsOf course, that had a huge impact on the numbers.

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Wednesday on

If you look at the number of viewers, it hurts Wednesday It even surpassed the current number one. The series was, according to Delivery timewhich has been viewed 252 million times, while the fourth season of Weird things Viewed “only” 140 million times.

Still in third place Dahmer And in fourth place shines the first season of Bridgerton. Then the latter crosses the second season of the same series. The South Korean shines in non-English series and series in general Squid game Still on top.

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