Galbec remains a financially healthy municipality: “Thinking about the administration and continuing to attract a large amount of subsidies to our village” | jalabik

jalabikGlabbeek closes 2021 with a municipality available budget score + OCMW + AGB of €6,162,462, generally referred to as the original municipal bank. The car financing margin, a figure that reflects the long-term financial position of a city or municipality, is 1,558,164 euros. “For the ninth year in a row, we are ensuring positive surpluses each year under Village Party policy, with a very ambitious investment policy,” said Mayor Peter Rickmans (Village Party).

The municipality bill of 2021 was on the agenda of the Glebebeck city council. This ends with the result of the municipality’s available budget + OCMW + AGB of €6,162,462 (= the municipality’s original bank) and the Auto Finance Margin (AFM) of €1,864,039.

“These annual municipal accounts closed + OCMW + AGB with a strong positive result,” says Mayor Peter Rickmans (Village Party). “The auto finance margin in the municipality budget for 2021, as we have done since 2013, was conservatively estimated only at a small surplus. The 2021 annual accounts now provide us with the final figures for last year’s revenue and expenditures, showing that the surplus is much larger and increases by at least 1, 558,164 euros more than we were expecting in the budget.”

For the ninth year in a row, we ensure positive surpluses every year under the village party policy, while implementing a very ambitious investment policy. This is only due to the fact that we manage the municipality thoughtfully as a company and can continue to receive a lot of subsidies from the higher authorities of our village. Starting this year, we’re giving our residents a tax break by making our municipal waste container park virtually free. Invest heavily in a village while still maintaining the integrity of municipal finances and at the same time being able to reduce municipal taxes for your residents, because it is possible to have a strong team with a vision and file knowledge of policy. ”

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