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A Norwegian commercial in which Santa enters into a relationship with a man, including a kiss, has won international acclaim. Posten Norge is celebrating the announcement of the ban on homosexuality in the country exactly 50 years ago.

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in a When Harry Met Santa – Referring to the famous rom-com When Harry Met Sally – You follow a guy, Harry, who meets Santa in the middle of the night while delivering gifts to his house. The guys look at each other and seem instantly in love. However, Santa quickly escapes through the chimney.

Every year the men meet again, and each time their bond improves. Harry wears his best clothes on Easter and the two give gifts to each other. But duty calls: Santa Claus always has to leave. “I’ll miss you,” you hear Santa say during a shot of Harry crying the day after Christmas.

Harry then wrote a letter to the North Pole that read “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. He was surprised when there was no Santa Claus that year, but the postman brings gifts to the door, and Santa Claus is in his living room. “I arranged the help this year…so that I could be with you,” Santa says. Then the men exchange a kiss from the heart, after which the camera zooms out.

In the ad ‘When Harry Met Santa’, Norwegian Posten celebrates the country’s 50-year ban on homosexuality. The ad ends with a kiss between Santa and Harry. © Post a video

a lot of praise

Posten’s Christmas advertisements are highly praised not only in Norway itself, but also internationally. In the comments on YouTube, you can read that many people have tears, and positive tweets are also raining on Twitter.

The ad also brought a smile to the face of, among others, Philip Tijsma of COC Nederland (LGBTQI interest group). “It’s an incredibly fun and likable ad, and the strength is in the nature of what’s being portrayed,” he says. “It is very important that people with sexual and gender identities other than what is considered normal are shown in movies and series, as well as in advertisements. By portraying the relationship between two men with all that is natural and obvious, you also make it normal. Without vision there is no acceptance, that is what It goes down to him, and that is certainly still necessary. A third of the Dutch still find a kiss between two men offensive.”

Not a political issue

Posten’s Christmas ads are usually the funniest. This is how they hit earlier He mocked Donald Trump’s unusual tweets, and wondered Another Christmas Announcement I wonder if the Virgin Mary was really a virgin. So this year they took a different tack.

Marketing Director Monica Solberg explains: “Publishing is an inclusive workplace with a lot of diversity. As always, the main objective of the campaign is to show that Post is always innovative. In addition to the flexibility of our services, we want to place them in a socially appropriate place, with important topics. For the community around us and us in Posten.”

Not all of the feedback is positive, but the company was ready for it, Solberg said. She rejects the feeling that advertising mixes Christmas with politics. “The right to love whoever you want is a fundamental human right and will not be considered a political issue in free democratic societies in 2021. The Norwegian Post has been connecting people for 375 years and will continue to do so regardless of orientation or gender identity.”

Watch also: Posten’s full commercial

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