Maxima talks to young people about mental health

Queen Maxima spoke with young people in Amsterdam on Wednesday about their mental health. I did this during an afternoon of initiatives where young people can find support and help when things are not going well for them.

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This afternoon, the Queen began talks with organizations from various Dutch municipalities. Thrive Amsterdam Mental Healthy, for example, aims to promote mental health and resilience for all Amsterdammers and has a special focus on the city’s young and immigrant population. Another initiative is ease, which offers a place in five Dutch cities where young people can talk about their problems.

After the talks, Máxima was taken on a tour of Lab6, a partnership in Amsterdam that includes several youth organizations from Nieuw-West. The Queen also spoke to the youth herself. She visited Al-Mazouni for coaching and athletic guidance, among other places, where she spoke with two girls who were trained by Al-Mazouni. At De Studio, Queen Maxima spoke with young people who make music and write lyrics.

Finally, representatives of the municipalities of Someren, Peel & Maas spoke about how they are promoting the mental health of young people in their area. This included Roger’s lab that inspiration. Two young men told the Queen about their experience with this meeting place where young people can discover their talents and boost their self-reliance.


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