Globo has never won a trophy at the 2021 International Emmy Award

Globo International Emmy 2021 departs to see the ships. At the ceremony held on Monday 22/11 in New York, US, the list of winners had no control over Marinho Family Channel.

The channel competed with four productions. The TV series Amor de Mãe, the multi-platform series Diário de um Confinado, the mini-series All Women of the World and the documentary Cercados. The latter are Globoplay’s trump cards.

In 2021, Amarelo – É Tudo Pra yesterday, produced by Emicida for Netflix, as well as the four Globo productions, closed the nominations for Brazil. The country was alone behind the United Kingdom, which has been commemorated six times.

Even without winning in any category, journalist Felipe Santana and broadcasters Luciano Hack and Angelica Brasil represented awards.

Best TV Series
Maternal love (Brazil)
You want your destination (Portugal)
Glory Song (China) – Vinsidore
Find a cure (Singapore)

Best TV Movie or Miniseries
Atlantic Crossing (Norway) – Winner
December (VK)
It’s okay not to be normal (South Korea)
All the Women of the World (Brazil)

Best Documentary
fenced (Brazil)
Hope Frozen: A Quest to Live Twice (Tailândia) – Vinsidore
They call me Babu (Netherlands)
Toxic Beauty (Canada)

Best short series
Beirut 6:07 (Lebanon)
Diary of a Detainee (Brazil)
people speak (spanish)
INSiDE (New Zealand) – Winner

best art software
Emeseda: yellow – everything for yesterday (Brazil)
Kubrick from Kubrick (France) – Winner
Romeo in Julia: Beyond Words (UK)
Kabuki Actors Fears – Isn’t Entertainment Necessary? (Gabao)

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