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The three parties talking in Germany about forming a coalition will present their coalition agreement on Wednesday. Social Democrat Olaf Scholz succeeds Angela Merkel as chancellor, in a government with the Greens and the Free Democratic Party. The new government’s press conference will be held at 3 pm.

The introduction of a government headed by SPD leader Olaf Scholz was somewhat predictable. Both sides said they wanted to present an agreement this week. The deal still has to be approved by the parties themselves, for example through a party meeting.

Schulz’s party was the biggest winner in the September parliamentary elections, at the expense of the conservative CDU/CSU bloc led by Chancellor’s candidate Armin Laschet. The Greens and the FDP were the third and fourth parties that chose to negotiate with the SPD, having also had exploratory talks with the CDU/CSU.

Traffic Lights Alliance

The alliance of the SPD, the Green Party, and the Free Democratic Party is known as the “Traffic Light Coalition” because of their party’s colors. This will be the first time that three parties form a national government together. They have spoken extensively over the past two months. The Free Democratic Party and the Green Party, in particular, are more ideologically far apart.

It appears that these two coalition partners have won important ministerial positions. FDP chief Christian Lindner will become finance minister, according to a draft list of leaked appointments. Robert Habeck, a Green Party leader, will head a “super-ministry” dealing with climate and energy policy. Foreign affairs will probably go to fellow party member Annalina Barbock.

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farewell to Merkel

Angela Merkel resigns as chancellor after 16 years of leading Germany as a new government arrives. Next month, she will become the longest-serving head of government in the history of the Federal Republic and may miss that title. It is now in the name of her fellow party member Helmut Kohl, who ruled Germany from 1982 to 1998.

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