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Speakers from sport and beyond

With the help of Topsport Topics, a number of interesting speakers from sport and beyond have been found for this topic. For example, Ruud den Harte, Senior Lecturer in Talent Development and Creativity at the University of Groningen, will discuss measuring and improving resilience in sport. Then Raoul Odegans, senior lecturer in sport and performance psychology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, continues training to reach the top and develop resilience. During practical training, there is of course also a special place for practical experiences. Jeroen Otter, current trainer of coaches in the High Performance Team at NOC*NSF, was invited for this. He talks to his former short track student Yara Van Kerkhove.

Coaches, coaches, mixologists, sports psychologists and sports care professionals are also challenged to look outside sports. Flexibility also plays a key role in other disciplines. Take, for example, uniformed professions such as soldiers, police officers, and security guards. Therefore, Major Quinn Pollack, Commander, High Risk Security, Royal Military Police, and Captain Gilty Bickius, Head, High Risk Security Operations, Royal Military Police, highlight the topic of resilience from their area of ​​expertise.

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