Flowers, bees and tree rings at Nerdlandfestival – Faculty of Bioengineering – Ghent . University

Nerdland Festival brings science… to a festival. With circus tents, lots of ambiance and a huge amount of science. Taken from fate but in a scientifically responsible manner.

If you want to get rid of all that lore, you can – among other things – visit the bouncy castle of the University of Ghent, which is modeled on the image of the University of Ghent Aula.

You’ll also find our researchers there, they have a lot of unique activities around bees and tree rings.

flowers and bees

Honeybees make delicious honey, and everyone knows it. But there are many bees to discover. Worm bees, for example, who prefer to eat tansy food.

Just as we sometimes don’t like Brussels sprouts or dandelions, bees can also be picky eaters. Find out how ingenious the bee diet is, and why each bee is important to protect nature and biodiversity through a few games. You also get a chance to see and pet these delicate creatures in real life!

Digging trees not digging

We go back in time in the growth ring pattern of living and dead trees, looking for cues and climatic events in the past.

Tree growth rings make it possible to accurately date events in the past and detect extreme weather conditions. After all, trees adjust their growth for extended periods of drought, pruning, or insect infestation. With piling drills, we take cores together from the trunk of several live trees in Domain Puyenbroeck and try to extract those years into growth rings where extreme weather conditions severely affected the growth of new wood.

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