Get started with two video streams in Microsoft Teams

Going forward, Microsoft allows you to share two video streams during a video meeting in Teams. Should it give more options, especially for presentations?

Don’t you know which side is your most beautiful side? No problem, because you can view your face from two perspectives with a new functionality in Teams. After all, anyone starting out with Teams preview can now share two video streams. Not vanity is the main goal, but more flexibility on offer.

The function is called Teams Content Camera, and it allows you to share photos with a second camera while staying behind the first camera. This is useful for scenarios where the presenter needs to give a demonstration of a device, for example. The second camera can zoom in on the device, while the primary camera keeps the presenter in view.

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Of course, you need at least two connected cameras to start using the Teams content camera. If you are in the picture, go to Content sharing And content from the camera. Choose there video. In the dialog box that appears, you must indicate a different camera than the one you are currently using to photograph yourself. You click Involved, the feed will be visible to the other participants in the call. You can compare the functionality with an alternative to a shared presentation or shared screen.

The feature is immediately available to Teams in public preview. It is up to administrators to make preview features available to users.

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