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Rod Stewart immigrated to America from his native England in 1975. He moved his record company, Mercury, to Warner. That year he collaborated with other American musicians to produce his sixth solo album, which he called Strike. Atlantic Crossing mentioned. Sailing took a huge hit from that feat.

New course

Previous album Atlantic Crossing is called A smiler. It was only moderately successful and the singles continued to languish at the bottom of the charts in the UK and US. Rod wanted a new direction, new musicians and a different producer. Additionally, he felt he had to pay more taxes in the United Kingdom. So he crosses the Atlantic, a move that works well for Rod Stewart.

Atlantic Crossing That means platinum in the UK and Australia and gold in the US and Germany. The album also reached number one on the charts in the Netherlands and the UK. In December of the same year, 1975, Rodd recorded his next No. 1 hit with Muscle Shoals, this time written by himself. Rod is a superstar whose single Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?

In a new episode of Blokhuis de Podcast, Leo Blokhuis explores a critical phase in Rod Stewart’s life. Listen to the episode below!

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