Give your houseplant a second life

Are you looking for a new houseplant or outdoor plant, or perhaps you want to get rid of one of our many houseplants in a sustainable way? Then Plantigo might be something for you.

The second life of plants

Sometimes you get tired of a plant at home, then you can of course just throw it in the green trash. But this is not always the most sustainable solution. If the plant still looks good, you can also give it to someone who is happy with it. That’s what they thought at Plantigo, in the Plantigo app you will also find indoor plants and outdoor plants that can change owners. Sometimes these plants are free and other times a small fee is charged.

When you open the app, you will immediately see a number of plants displayed on the home screen. By clicking on the offer, you will receive more information about the plant on offer. For example, about whether a pot is included, or whether the plant has damage. The app also tells you what kind of plant it is and what attention it needs. In addition to regular houseplants, you’ll also find cuttings for those with really green fingers. Have you seen a beautiful plant, but there is no suitable pot? Then you might find something between indoor and outdoor pots that can also be found in the Plantigo app.

Plantigo app for buying houseplants

To be able to respond to an advertisement, you must, of course, create an account with Plantigo. After creating an account, it is still necessary to verify your phone number. You can then create your own ads or order plants. When you verify an account you will see a blue check mark appear, you will also see this with others so you can be sure you are trading with a verified account.

In addition to responding, you can use the app to save favourites, but also to select your plants. This identification works by taking at least two photos. The application then searches the database and returns a series of possible matches. If you already know the name of your plant, you can of course use the plant encyclopedia included in the app.

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The app works in the Netherlands and Flanders and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Which plant in your home would you replace?


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