BBC launches school television for Afghan children, presented by women who have fled Afghanistan

The program will be presented by many women who fled Afghanistan after the Taliban took over. “Every day I talk to many Afghan girls who are still in the country and they tell me they can’t go to school,” said Alia Farzan, one of Dari’s hosts. “They seem so helpless and hopeless at times.”

“Sometimes I put myself in their shoes and I wonder what I would do if I was in Afghanistan, I was a teenage girl who couldn’t go to school, couldn’t leave the house, didn’t have basic rights. I would be very happy if someone helped me and taught me something.”

Some providers speak from experience because they’ve had a hard time going to school in the past. “I had completed 12 years of schooling and my elder brother and father said: that’s enough, you have to get married,” says Shazia Haya, one of the Pashto announcers, who was born in 1996, the year the Taliban came. Power for the first time.

Even today she lives with the disapproval of both her father and brother. “Even now, if I ask my dad what I studied at university or what my favorite subject was at school, he doesn’t know because I’m a girl and he’s not interested in my education.”

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