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The Eurovision Song Contest is coming up, and this brings back memories of former participant Linda Wagonmakers (48). Linda from Stockholm participated in 2000 and finished thirteenth with forty points. Linda’s performance remained in everyone’s memory for a long time, especially because of her striking dress. She says this in an interview with “Libelle”.

“I wanted everyone in Europe to remember my song at the end of the evening.”

In 2000, the Netherlands decided to do everything possible to make a global impression. “It was immediately clear that I didn’t want to work small, I wanted to do my best. That’s why I asked fashion designer Jan Arntzen to design the dress. Jan always thinks big.” He designed a huge black and white dress, from which – surprisingly – a number of dancers appeared during the show. He also made a replica “in the colors of the Dutch flag”. She can wear that if Holland wins. “He even made a gold slip for it.”

Such a stunning dress can cost something. “It cost a lot of money, but it was absolutely stunning, and it’s exactly what I was looking for. I wanted everyone in Europe to remember my phone number at the end of the evening. This dress was so good!”

Photo © Afghan National Police
Linda Wagon Makers’ Eurovision dress

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