Gmail email about 2-step verification as of November 2021: is it real or fake? – Deceived?!

Many users of Google services like Gmail and YouTube are dealing with it these days: emails from Google regarding turning on two-step verification as of November 9, 2021. We were asked several times if these emails were really from Google, or if they There may be phishing or other tricks after all. In this article we explain how it works.

The reason for this piece is the fact that he cheated?! In recent days, I have received many questions about the email which we discuss briefly below. One wonders if these emails really come from Google, which is of course only commendable. With all these phishing emails, it certainly won’t say, and it’s a good idea to get additional information just to make sure, rather than just logging in somewhere.

Fortunately, the short answer to this question is simple. In principle, those emails are really from Google, because things are really changing this month in terms of two-step verification. Some accounts require that it be enabled to improve account security.

If you haven’t yet enabled 2-step verification for your Google account and if you want to enable it as a result of an email from Google – or from this widget? Then as additional reading material, we have a very comprehensive help article for you where everything is described step by step. You can find this via the link below.

Enable two-step verification for your Google Account: How do you set it up?

And now we move on to the respective mail.

Google email: “How you sign in will change on November 9th”

To notify users subject to mandatory two-step verification of this change, these people will receive additional information via email within this week.

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You can expect these types of emails in your inbox:

Google Mail about 2-Step Verification

by: The Google <[email protected]>

Topics: The way you sign in will change on November 9th.

Soon you will be logged in with 2-step verification


After entering your password, do the second step on your phone. Keep your phone handy when you sign in.

2-Step Verification will turn on automatically on November 9th. You can run this earlier if you want. Your account is ready.

work now

Why does the login method change?

By using the second step when logging in, your account is better secure.

How do you protect your account with this?

How it works?

Once you enter your password, you’ll either tap the Google prompt on your phone or get a login code to enter (your carrier may charge for this).

Update your phone number and recovery address

We’ve already said it, but we’ve had the necessary questions about this email in recent days. “Is this correct?” , “Is this email really from Google?” and “Could it be phishing or some other scam?” Just a few of the questions discussed.

We can be brief about that. In principle, there is nothing fishy in this email, the information is already correct and this email in principle is really from Google, provided that the links in the email are to the secure domain (https) point out.

In other cases, it could be a forgery where scammers copied the template from an existing mail and presented related buttons and links in the mail with perverted and malicious links pointing to fake login environments, even though there is no indication that they currently exist.

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Would you like to take action in response to this email and enable two-step verification? Check carefully if the links really point to a Google domain Before clicking on the links and continue without a doubt login on a fake website.

You can see this in your browser by placing your mouse over the link and checking which domain the link actually points to in the lower left of the address bar that appears. See also the example below.

Does the link in the Google email really refer to a Google domain?

You can check this on your phone by not quickly clicking on a link or button, but by holding the button for a while until preview mode opens. In the upper left corner you can see the domain to which the link is pointing.

We also have an example, and in order to stay in the Google home style for a while in the course of getting acquainted, we just got another email that has nothing to do with what we’re discussing in this article. See example:

This is how you check on your phone if you're going to a real Google domain

This is how you check on your phone if you’re going to a real Google domain

Rest assured, do you want to get started? Then we would like to refer you again to our comprehensive help article on enabling 2-Step Verification with Google.

Enable two-step verification for your Google Account: How do you set it up?

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