Gold prospectors discover frozen mammoth baby in Canada

Mammoth remains found. © AFP

In northwestern Canada, prospectors have found a well-preserved mummified baby woolly mammoth. They discovered the calf Tuesday during permafrost excavations in the Klondike gold fields, Yukon Territory Government and Aboriginal Trondik Hoshin report. It is said to be “the most well-preserved mummified mammoth found in North America”.

source: BELGA

The aborigines gave the animal the name Nun cho ga, which means large animal. Geologists from the relevant scientific authority and the University of Calgary suspect that Non Chu Ga died during the Ice Age and froze in permafrost over 30,000 years old.

Paleontologist Grant Zazola of the Scientific Authority speaks of an “incredible scientific discovery”. His hair and skin have been preserved. “If you look at her feet, you’ll find that her fingernails and toenails are so delicate they haven’t hardened yet.” He said she was about 140cm tall. Preliminary studies indicate that the animal was about a month old when it died.

It is the second baby woolly mammoth to be discovered worldwide. In 1948, parts of a mammoth calf named Evie were found in a gold mine in the US state of Alaska.

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