Google has great solutions for everyday worries

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Google is happy to help and has come up with some solutions to everyday anxiety. Check them out here.

At Google last week their I / O 2021 conference was central. At a conference like this, many new developments were announced. Handy from Google, they have a list made One of the most important solutions. We have picked the best ones.

Changing the TV channel

You used to be the guy if you had a TV with a remote. No more walking to the TV to change channels, which were high tech at the time. Not many of you have experienced this, but to make the remotes redundant, Google has a thing now. You can simply operate your TV with your smart phone, away from various remote controls. Sure, this is nothing new, but new The Google. If you want to use this, you must use the Android TV OS.

Open the car

Another Google solution that works for you smart phone. Many car manufacturers make it The It is possible to unlock your car doors with your smartphone. Google is now developing this and is not obligated by the trademark. Android 12 lets you open your doors. It is also possible to start your car. Better yet, you don’t even have to take your phone out of your pocket. The car recognizes you from a distance.

Hustle and bustle

Google’s next solution is about crowds. Everyone can get back to fitness again! All right. Only 30 people are allowed in one room. Annoying if you don’t know in advance and it’s full. The Google maps It actually makes it possible to see how busy it is in different locations, for example in the gym or at the wine shop. This functionality will now be expanded to a full site. If downtown Rotterdam is crowded, you can check this beforehand.

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What you can also do in Maps is use the augmented reality in Live View while you walk. You will then be provided with useful details about the shops and restaurants around you, including how busy they are, the latest reviews, and photos. Another helpful solution from Google is to find your hotel. I always lose my hotel when in a foreign city. Live View will let you know where I am in relation to the hotel, so I can always find my way back.

Google lens

You can really do a lot with Google Lens, but soon you will be able to do a lot more. For example, if you take a screenshot, you can discover many things afterward. Do you see cool sunglasses? Then you can search for it through Google Lens and maybe buy it.

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