“We do not provide basic 5G equipment in the Netherlands”

Huawei cannot work on the most important parts of the 5G network in the Netherlands. The Chinese company confirmed this on its own. Western intelligence agencies consider the company an extension of the Chinese government.

Huawei and 5G

Many European countries ignore Huawei as a potential 5G network deployment partner. In Belgium, Finnish Nokia was favored and the UK suddenly wanted to get rid of Huawei faster. Huawei itself has now confirmed the role with it FD Who plays it in our country: “We do not provide basic 5G equipment in the Netherlands,” a company spokesperson said.

For a long time, it has not been clear to our suppliers if there are certain requirements associated with the use of Huawei equipment. KPN T-Mobile has now received a decision from the Ministry of Economic Affairs regarding the requirements of the Dutch 5G network, but its contents have been released secretly to the country.

Huawei was also recently accused of spying, in a report from KPN

No risks

Intelligence services from the West see a major risk in a possible cooperation with the Chinese provider. Huawei is seen as an extension of the Chinese government, and there are spying concerns. Secret services also fear that China may shut down parts of the network if Huawei is accepted, the we.

The fact that the company is now excluded from our network core will mainly affect T-Mobile, as the largest user of Huawei equipment. KPN already stated a couple of years ago that it would not work with Huawei on vital parts of the network. Huawei is still allowed to supply the less important parts in our country, such as the antennas.

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