Google is working on a successor to Google Glass

Google is working on a new smart glass to succeed Google Glass. The intent is to use the glasses for augmented reality, in which a virtual layer is placed on top of the real world.

Google glasses

You know smart glasses Google glasses after? When this high-end gadget came out about ten years ago, it really was an early adopter device. Most of the rest of the world was afraid of the camera on them and their privacy. Partly because of this, the project didn’t really take off.

Now it appears that Google intends to create a new Google Glass, he writes New York times. Google makes it in partnership with North, a Canadian AR company it acquired last year. The idea is to display a map or outline of a building with glasses. So it has a slightly different augmented reality function than the first glasses.

smart glasses

On the other hand, we can imagine that the new glasses take a number of options from the first glasses, such as the ability to see notifications on the screen. However, the question is whether an amazing camera will ever be placed on it again. Although, on the other hand, other glasses with cameras have appeared in the meantime, and people seem to have fewer problems: for example glasses from snapchat.

The camera was then used to capture movies and photos in a kind of first person perspective like in Prodigy’s Smack my Bitch Up clip, but perhaps now Google’s AI capabilities can help the camera identify certain things as a kind of Google Lens.

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Metaverse from Googleverse?

Of course, it is also questionable whether Google will want to use these glasses to help access the Metaverse that Facebook/Meta is currently working on, as it will also be working on its augmented reality project.

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