Google managed to surprise you with a Wear ad

I / O has long been a developer conference where Google showcases “innovative products and services”. After a few full days of sessions, the I / O conference was over and we shut down the AW Poll. Which Google service attracted the most attention from the Androidworld reader? I read it on the AW Survey Result.

Google I / O 2021

Although the I / O opening keyword only lasted 2 hours, Google managed to make 12 ads. Google started tonight with two new Maps features. Then the search giant manages to surprise, among other things, the development of LaMDA, which wants to make its assistant more human again. Moreover, Google announced during the developer conference that it will provide its password manager with Duplex on the Web to replace the “automatic passwords” that were leaked.

Android, Wear en Maps

Not to be missed was also an announcement Android 12With renewed The material you interface. With the rejuvenated look, the role of the user comes and the emotion becomes more important. Google can also, as the company indicated during the conference, equate hardware details with pixels on the screen. So Android 12 should provide more unity in the Google ecosystem. For Google, Android 12 also means a renewed focus on privacy, with, for example, buttons to completely disable microphones and cameras on your phone.

Google ad In cooperation with Samsung, Also attracted great interest. Previously, necessary rumors circulated about Samsung’s arrival to Wear OS, but confirmation of the final switch from Tizen was not coming soon. Even the keyword I / O, that is. The collaboration between Google and Samsung is supposed to make the operating system faster and more energy efficient. The Wear suite of apps will also grow, and manufacturers will now be able to develop their own ‘own wrap’ for Wear as standard, as OPPO previously did.

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Another big announcement from I / O 2021 from Maps came with features that make maps smarter. Remarkably, Google paid attention to maps twice: first for jobs to prevent traffic accidents and save fuel, then for Four new positions, Including expanding detailed Google Maps and appearing to provide time-based information, so that you only see specific locations at night, for example. Want to read all I / O 2021 announcements? Then click on this link.

AW Poll, you think so

These are just six of the twelve ads. So there is a lot of news to be discovered in the long run with Google services. However, the ads are not the same, and one of them means more user-friendliness of Google than the other. Of course, we cannot decide which ad will mean the most to you. This is why we asked for it in The last AW poll.

Clear AW survey result: Google’s converting Wear OS with Samsung to Wear is the best ad for you. With 34.5 percent of the vote, the advertisement tops the top 3. Android 12 is second to you with 22.8 percent of the vote, while Material You is the third with 13.9 percent of the vote. Google Search and Google Photos innovations are the least attractive to you – both options were awarded 0.6 percent of the vote.

AW Poll: Google has surprised you with a Wear ad

Google has clearly caught the eye with its Wear OS. The question now remains whether it can maintain that interest now that the company has to provide. Samsung is working hard with Google to improve Wear, so there’s little chance Wear OS will disappoint us. Do you agree with the top three out of the AW survey? What are your top three? Be sure to tell us in the comments at the bottom of the article.

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