These are the last jobs you can do in your garden in September

Summer is over, fall is beginning, and before you know it, winter is just around the corner. But is your garden ready for this? gardener Lucas Lens It tells you what you can still do now, at the end of September, to prepare your garden for fall.

last chance:

Organ transplant

Now is your last chance to plant shrubs or shrubs, especially evergreen shrubs and shrubs. It is best to do this at this time so that they can last a while during the wet season and before the real cold sets in. “When transplanting, it is wise to provide the new planting hole with good (planting) soil. It is also important to ensure that the plant has enough space. So make the hole slightly larger than the root ball itself and fill it with fresh soil.


Fruit trees are best pruned in early spring, but there are also some trees that can be pruned in September or early October. “If necessary, you can still prune walnut or chestnut trees now. This also applies to the plane tree. It is currently still warm enough to close the wounds. If you prune these trees later in the spring, the tree may bleed.”

Sowing and planting

Sowing and planting are also part of it. You can still plant or replant borders. “Think about spring pants in particular.” Even plant bulbs!

Lay the grass

“Now is the perfect time to build your lawn. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to do a scratch walk if there’s a lot of moss in your lawn. This means you’re removing the layer of thatch that’s growing in your lawn. So you’re removing moss and dead weeds from your lawn.” .You can do this by hand, but if you have a large garden, it may take a long time. A scarifier or special scarifier can save you a lot of time and protect you from back problems.

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“Once this task is done, you can supervise the lawn and spray it with fall fertilizer, so you can also restore the damaged and bare patches well.”

Do not forget:

Water examination

You may assume that there will be heavy rain in the coming weeks, because you have been accustomed to it since the fall months. But since the climate is currently changing so much, it is important to keep a close eye on whether your garden is actually moist enough. This is what is sometimes forgotten, according to Lukas Lens. “Check the borders regularly to make sure they are not drying out. If so, it is wise to mist them well.

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