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Last night several sections of the E6 highway near Stennongsund in Sweden collapsed after a landslide. The destruction is enormous. Many buildings were damaged and a number of people were injured after falling into a hole. According to emergency services, the risk of further collapse has not passed.

The E6 in Stennongsund, about fifty kilometers north of Gothenburg, was closed in both directions after persistent rain caused a landslide last night at around 1.20am. There is a lot of damage in several places. Near the Primm gas station, a large crack runs from one side of the road to the other. Several trucks were damaged in the area while on a slope.

“The worst-hit parts of the affected area are approximately 150 x 100 metres. Overall, the landslide affected an area of ​​approximately 700 x 200 metres,” Gothenburg Rescue Services said in a statement. Rescue workers and sniffer dogs are searching the area. There are also helicopters in Location. Three people were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

The exact cause of the landslide is not yet clear. However, police opened an investigation because explosions occurred at a nearby construction site.


Rescue services reported that about ten vehicles entered the hole. “The cars ended up in the hole and fell under the rubble,” said Niklas Vogelqvist, head of emergency services for the Greater Gothenburg area. There was also severe damage to nearby buildings. For example, Burger King collapsed.

A truck driver testifies to Dagens Nyheter about the terrifying moment he woke up because his truck was shaking violently. “I was sleeping in my truck at the gas station. I saw trees falling and the ground moving. The hamburger restaurant was destroyed.”

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More landslides cannot be ruled out at this time. Emergency services are asking everyone to stay away. Police cordoned off the area in anticipation of the risk of collapse. Traffic is being diverted via Route 650.

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Destruction of Burger King restaurant.
Destruction of Burger King restaurant. © R.R

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