Google Meet just got easier for home workers

Google Meet just got easier for home workers. It is now possible to sit in a meeting with up to 500 participants. Although this option is not for everyone.

The update you need for this, rolls Google is out now. Since the online meeting tool now allows more people in such a meeting, it should be easier than ever to start a conversation. Collaborations with colleagues, clients, and clients should also run smoother.

Important update for Google Meet

You need a Workspace subscription to use the new functionality. As a result, Google Meet and all the company’s other services will get a number of new functions. Unfortunately, the company’s core, novice, or standard customers will not be able to take advantage of the option to place 500 people in a meeting. Google Workspace Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, or Education Plus customers do.

Google is dead
Google meets 500 people (Image: Google)

If meeting with 500 people is not enough, another option is available. As an organization, you can also choose to go live via Google Meet, so that a hundred thousand people can watch. However, there is no doubt about participation.

Keep working from home

The pandemic is forcing employers to communicate with their employees in different ways. Many employees are now working from home, which means that new or better tools are required. Meeting tools like Google Meet have been around for a while, but so far they haven’t really delivered the capacity that some companies require.

Google is not alone in targeting a broader user base with its software. Microsoft also stays with Microsoft Teams Committed to expanding its base. Zoom – despite all the problems – is also still a popular party. In both services, you can hold a regular meeting with a maximum of one thousand people.

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Google Meet just got easier for home workers

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