Google Play Points is now available in the Netherlands: This is how it works

Google has quietly added a new feature to the Android Download Store. In the Netherlands, we can now register for Play Points, which you provide for additional benefits and rewards.

Google Play Points

It has been in the air for a while, but from now on we can use Google Play Points in the Netherlands. With Google Play Points, you can earn points for everything you buy from the Play Store. This also applies to the in-app purchases you make. For example, during Special Point Events, you can earn up to 4x Points.

You can use Google Play Points to get special in-game items or as Google Play credit. For every euro you spend, you get 1 point. During the first week of subscribing to Google Play Points, you earn 3 times the reward points with every purchase. When you collect enough points in a year, you level up. Then you can collect more points and also take advantage of various benefits. Below you will find the different levels.

You can use the points collected for discount coupons, in-app purchases, or to receive Google Play credit. You must still register yourself to use Google Play Points. For this, you can go to the web version of the Google Play Store, or start the Android app for the Google Play Store. The option to go to this will appear in the side menu. This will be visible in the coming weeks, but it is not yet the case.

Countries with Google Play Points now available are Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates. So it should be visible to everyone in the coming days or weeks.

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