Google TV is now also available for iOS

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iOS users can download the Google TV app starting today and use their iPhone as a remote control.

Google TV has been available for Android devices since September 2020, when the app replaced the Movies & TV app. Almost two years later, the new Google TV is finally coming Available for iOS† So you will now be able to download Google TV to your iPhone via the App Store. If you have already installed the Google Movies & TV app, you don’t even need to do anything; The app will automatically update to Google TV with an update.

In the Google TV app, you can get personalized recommendations for the video streaming services you subscribe to. Google wants to help you discover new movies and series. Titles you purchased once from the Play Store (Something Google has stopped doing now) are also in your library.

Your smartphone as a remote control

The best Google TV feature was only announced at the tech giant’s latest I/O conference. You can now also turn your smartphone into a remote control via the Google TV app. You can stream video content via the Google TV app to your smart TV or smartphone to record and search for content on streaming platforms. This function will only work if your TV supports Google or Android TV.

Google TV streaming
Stream video content from your smartphone to your TV. GIF credit: Google (via TechCrunch

Download Google TV for iOS

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