Google Wallet can now automatically import boarding passes

Google Wallet is your virtual wallet on your phone. You can make payments with it, store loyalty cards, and use boarding passes. However, Google is automating more. Your boarding passes will be automatically added to your wallet soon.

Boarding passes in Google Wallet

Just as you can enable Gmail to automatically allow emails about concerts or flights to appear in your Google Calendar, you'll soon be able to notice them in Google Wallet. This saves you from having to search for the gate in Schiphol. Google writes in Release notes Boarding passes are placed in the wallet based on confirmation emails in your Gmail and work with a number of global airlines.

“Movie tickets and boarding passes from Gmail will now appear in Google Wallet when a user purchases a ticket and receives a confirmation email in their Gmail,” he writes. “This integration is live for a number of global movie chains and airlines and we are working on expanding it.”

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Movie tickets

Movie tickets can also be automatically added to your wallet in one go, although it is still unclear to us whether Google has also entered into agreements with Pathé or Vue, for example. In America, the largest operator of cinemas is AMC and this company, for example, has such an agreement with Google, so that these tickets automatically appear in your wallet. We hope that several cinema operators from the Netherlands and Belgium will also be added, so that the portfolio becomes increasingly valuable.

If you're not interested in certain things in your wallet, it's now easier to manually archive things from the wallet. In addition, the app has reached more countries: Dominican Republic, Monaco and Peru. Google Wallet has been available in the Netherlands and Belgium since July 2022.

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