Google wants to make the transition from iPhone to Android easy

“Once you’re trapped in the Apple ecosystem, it’s hard to get out.” It’s often said to pique the interest of Apple fans, and it’s certainly not just about the tech company’s products, it’s really hard to get out of, but Google has come up with a solution.

iPhone to Android

It’s always a tough choice: which phone to choose and whether to switch from Iphone To Android or vice versa? There’s a lot of administrative hassle involved in switching from iOS to Android: first jot down all your contacts (or the app to a friend), make a list of all the apps you use every day and wait forever for all your photos to be posted. Spare. Enough barriers to making the decision to stick with the iPhone.

It’s an app made by Google to make it easy to switch from Apple’s iPhone to Android device. This doesn’t necessarily have to be Google’s Pixel phone, but also devices from Samsung, Huawei’s old versions, Xiaomi and OnePlus.

Go to iOS

Google’s plan is not very original. Apple previously created an app for Android It is called “Move to iOS”, which will facilitate the transfer of data from one operating system to another operating system. Think photos, settings, apps, and, of course, contacts.

9to5Google News reports, which have not been made official by Google. It seems to work like this.

  1. Download de Switch to Android-app vanuit de App Store
  2. Connect to WiFi and enter your password
  3. Enter your iTunes backup password to unlock apps, text messages, and contacts
  4. If you want to send iCloud contacts, device contacts and iMessages, you need to remove Device Management from your iPhone
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It’s still unclear how this will work with apps and contacts accessing on the new device. Moreover, the question is whether you will have to pay again on Android for apps that cost money in the Google Play Store.

When the switch to Android appears it is still unknown, because it is still under development.

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