Gordon Ramsay completely ruined our wedding day

Gordon Ramsay completely ruined our wedding day

Gordon Ramsay completely ruined our wedding day

According to a newlywed couple from the United Kingdom, TV chef Gordon Ramsay is the reason their wedding day went completely wrong. Charlie Willis, 35, and his bride, Laura, 29, were shocked when they went to film with a TV crew on Ramsay Beach. “At our own wedding we felt like extra,” Willis said in an interview with The Sun.

During the wedding the couple had long saved to spend 2100 euros on food for their guests, but as Ramsay came to film for his future food stars show, he took over the kitchen. As a result, the food promised by Lusty Glaze Beach Resort in Cornwall was not available to guests. “It’s an obvious disaster. We both worked very hard for this and then you’ll get it. We felt disappointed.”

Sharon Powers, the project’s executive producer, apologized to the couple and refunded all costs to accommodate them. “Sorry, we ruined your big day. I assure you it should never be. By taking the cost, we hope we do it right.”

However, according to the resort where the wedding and shooting took place, there was no exclusive question from the beach. Ramsay’s spokesman agrees. “They should stop whining now because they did not rent the beach. Gordon’s production team had booked for the day as well as other weddings were taking place. And their guests thought it would be nice to be in the movie. “

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