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People walk in the rain during the second national lockout on November 20, 2020 in central London.

The deputy chief executive of NHS providers said he expects the lock-in to continue in the new year to get the UK through the “winter encounter-corona virus cone”.

Saffron Cordery warned that it would be too early to think about easing corona virus controls because the drop in infection rates in some parts of the country has not yet translated into hospitalization.

He said there was “great optimism” about a vaccine among hospital staff, but warned against thinking “we can take our foot off the bike”.


Polish PM warns against Christmas trip

The Prime Minister of Poland has asked people not to travel and to spend Christmas only with relatives in their homes.

Mattus Morawecki said the government was pursuing legal options to limit the movement.

He made these comments when he announced that the shopping centers would reopen from next Saturday, but said the schools would be closed until Christmas.

“These results can save hundreds of thousands of jobs, which is why we take them,” Mr Moraviski said.

A total of 24,213 corona virus cases and 574 corona virus-related deaths were reported daily in the country on Saturday.

The government has said that if the case numbers average 27,000-29,000 over a seven-day period, “national isolation” involving strict locking measures is necessary.

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The Hong Kong-Singapore travel bubble was delayed by the jump in the HK Kovit cases

This was arranged to allow visitors to travel between the two centers without isolation until they had been checked before and after arriving at their destinations on designated flights.

The program, originally scheduled to begin on Sunday, will be delayed by at least two weeks after Hong Kong announced 43 new corona virus cases on Saturday, the highest daily number in almost three months.

“In light of the recent upsurge in local cases, we have decided to work with the Government of Singapore [we] The spacecraft will postpone the launch of the bubble for two weeks, ”Hong Kong Trade and Economic Development Minister Edward Yao told a news conference.

“Today’s a responsible decision.”

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The third walk-through Covit-19 test site opens in Glasgow

A cyclist rides on deserted Buchanan Street in central Glasgow on Saturday

(AFP via Getty Images)

A new walking test center has opened in Glasgow, just hours after the city entered severe corona virus control.

The UK Government Funding Center opened Saturday morning at the St. Francis Community Center in Corbels.

This is the third time the city has opened, and it is one of 14 of the 22 Westminster Promises running across Scotland.

Glasgow, along with 10 other congregation areas, was placed under the most stringent restrictions imposed on the Scottish government last night.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced the changes on Tuesday, making the travel ban illegal in and out of areas 3 or 4.

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Greater Manchester Mayor Corona virus controls require a ‘proportional approach’

The mayor of Greater Manchester has denied that he wants to see a “moderation” of the Govt-19 lockout, saying he wants to see a “proportional approach”.

Andy Burnham called for “evidence-based” restrictions following the end of the national lockout in the UK, and said “there are no restrictions on what can be done.”

“As the World Health Organization says, you cannot ask people to live under permanent lockdown. If you do, you are going to face a mental crisis over an epidemic, ”he said BBC Breakfast.

“I’m not saying sober things. Whatever you do, make sure people (in Greater Manchester) are already living under four-month restrictions.”

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Former government science adviser underestimates fears about vaccine side effects

A former chief government scientific adviser has expressed hope that the Govt-19 vaccine will be available immediately and that there is “no reason” to expect long-term side effects from Jab.

Professor Sir Mark Walford said he had “full confidence” in the UK’s Pharmaceutical and Health Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) to ensure the safety of the vaccine.

When asked on Times Radio if people could be vaccinated early next month, he said: “This word is possible, isn’t it?

“The risk is always high and unpredictable, but there seems to be a vaccine here in a few months.”

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Boris Johnson shared a self-isolation video message

In a video update from Downing Street, the Prime Minister urged self-isolated people to socially isolate themselves from those who live in them.

Mr Johnson said he knew “how disgusting it would be” to be isolated, but that being isolated was how the country was going to break the exchange chain.

Tory MP He has been self-isolated for six days after his meeting with Lee Anderson and then tested positive for Covid-19.

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The official warns that South Korea’s third wave could be huge if left unchecked

South Korea resurfaced in the Covit-19 cases on Saturday, a senior official warned, adding that if the outbreak does not become available soon, it could become the country’s biggest epidemic.

The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency reported 386 new daily corona virus cases as of midnight on Friday, bringing the total number of infections to 30,403, of which 503 have died. The maximum number of new cases rose to 300 on Tuesday for the fourth day in a row since August.

“We are at a critical juncture; if we fail to stop the current outbreak, the country will face a major epidemic,” senior KDCA official Lim Sook-yang told a news conference.

The recent upsurge may force authorities to re-impose strong social distance controls after easing in October to stimulate a collapsing economy.

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Russia reports 24,822 new corona virus cases

Russia has reported 24,822 new Kovit-19 infections daily, bringing the national number to 2,064,748, including 7,168 in the capital Moscow.

Authorities also reported 467 corona virus-related deaths in the past 24 hours, bringing the official death toll to 35,778.

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