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Boris Johnson has raised the possibility of a New Year’s lockout if Britain falters in the fight against the corona virus – his chief physician has warned people not to hug elderly relatives at Christmas.

The UK is set to exit next Wednesday and its second national lockout Prime Minister, Speaking at a Downing Street news conference, said his goal was to “avoid taking our foot off the animal’s throat.”

“If we are relaxed now, we will lose control of this virus again and again, forcing our hard-won profits aside and forcing us back into the New Year’s national lockout, which means all the damage is done,” he said.

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‘How are you going to test 40% of the UK?’

Mr Johnson said his new “drastic measures” Three-tier system of localized controls “The best way to avoid this decision” is.

Some restrictions will be relaxed further over the five-day period than Christmas.

But the UK’s chief medical officer, Professor Chris Witty, urged people to avoid physical contact with grandparents or other elderly relatives.

He said: “Should I encourage someone to hug and kiss elderly relatives?

“It’s not against the law – that’s the whole point – you can do it within the rules there, but that doesn’t mean you can carry the virus.

“Also, if you have an elderly relative, this may not be something we would like you to do over a period of time. In fact we can protect the elderly.”

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The Prime Minister suggested allowing more sober measures from December 23 to 27 because people could have ignored the more stringent rules anyway.

“It was an incredibly difficult decision,” he said.

“You need to strike a balance between the strong will of the people to celebrate a family holiday, perhaps one of the most important family holidays of the year – they are obviously going to do it anyway – and the need to keep the virus under control.”

Under the UK’s new local regulations, 99% of the country’s population will enter the two tier layers.

But Mr Johnson told the public: “Your plot is not your destiny. Every area has a way to escape.”

Appreciating a recent pilot project in Liverpool, the Prime Minister signaled that the mass test would provide a path outside the highest Tier 3 as he said it would go into Tier 2 from next Wednesday.

This means it is one of only two places in the UK to enjoy relaxed restrictions from December 2 – by moving from Tier 3 of the pre-national lockout system.

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When asked if the entire British Army should be used to deliver mass raids to 40% of the UK population in Tier 3, Johnson replied: “We will provide assistance and support to the Armed Forces, the Army, where necessary.

“But local leadership and local communities are coming together to get rid of those lateral flow tests.

“Some parts of the country and various cities are already coming forward saying that Liverpool wants to do what it has already done.

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“But it depends on the community coming together, local leaders say they want to do that because this is not something we want to impose. You can not force people to a test.

“People need to understand that this is the way forward for themselves and their communities.”

Professor Witty he expected, a must Govt The vaccine must be approved, and some parts of the country may go under deployment restrictions.

However, he acknowledged – this time – that Tier 1 restrictions were not expected to be strong enough to prevent an increase in infections.

About 14,000 troops are ready to help deliver the government Corona virus This winter is planned for special planners, including medical and logistics professionals.

A government spokesman said: “From next week, local officials coming into Tier 3 will be able to apply for the NHS Test and Trace and Armed Forces support to provide a six-week rapid community testing program.

“This includes access to lateral flow tests and planning, logistics, financial and communications support.”

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