Govt-19: MPs approve new corona virus layers to replace UK lockout | political news

Despite more than 50 Tory MPs revolting against the move, the UK’s newly deployed corona virus controls have been approved by lawmakers.

As a result, these measures will take effect when the UK’s second lockout ends tomorrow.

However, the scale of the Conservative uprising – which was larger than it was when it was launched last month – proves that the prime minister has a job in his hands to maintain support for regional measures.

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The PM slips to the date of the layer ‘sunset’ section

The organization was approved by 78 out of 291 votes, with a majority of 213.

A total of 55 Tories rebelled, with 52 voting against COVID-19 Acts as controllers and two more voices.

Former Conservative Julian Lewis removed the whip last year, but usually voted with the government, and opposed the move.

A total of 15 Labor MPs and eight DUP MPs voted against the system.

Former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is currently sitting independently, voted against.

Conservative MP Jamie Wallis was recorded voting for and against, which is usually considered a formal vote.

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Stormer: The ‘not very likely’ part will drop a layer within two weeks

In all, a total of 17 Conservatives voted, including former Prime Minister Theresa May and former Minister Andrea Leitzm.

John Craig, Skys’ chief political correspondent, said Boris Johnson was standing in the doorway of the “I” lobby and asked the Tory MP to come out of the “no” lobby and vote. Government.

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The decision to dismiss Labor means that Mr Johnson is never in danger of losing.

Sir Khair Stormer said it would not be in the national interest to vote for his party when it has “serious doubts” about the restrictions, while the virus still poses a “serious risk”.

The Liberal Democrats, who have 11 MPs in the Commons, also voted.

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The Prime Minister responded to the MP’s decision to oppose the Govt layers

“We welcome tonight’s vote to approve our winter plan, end national restrictions and send the UK back to a stratified system,” a government spokesman said.

“It will help protect the profits made in the last month and keep the virus under control.

“We will continue to work with MPs who have expressed concerns in recent days.”

Tory resistance 99% of the UK population falls under two hard layers, which is more severe than the previous layers before the lockout.

About 32 million people – 57.3% of the UK population – fall into Tier 2.

But 23.3 million people – 41.5% of the population – are subject to the highest level of restrictions placed in Tier 3.

Only the Isle of Wight, Cornwall and Skilly Islands are designated for Tier 1.

In Tier 3 areas, hospitality venues will be closed before Christmas, and mixing into homes will be prohibited if they fail to provide delivery services.

Many MPs have questioned the basis for the layered decisions and raised fears about the economic impact.

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Conservative rebel leader Mark Harper said, “We are very sorry” and many MPs were forced to vote against the move.

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“The House of Commons has spoken out. We hope the government will accept our views on better data and modeling, regional cost-benefit analysis and trusting MPs. Decisions on behalf of their members,” he said.

“We need to find a way to break the spread of the disease, recapture public support and confidence, end this devastating cycle of continuous control and begin to live in a sustainable way until an effective and safe vaccine is successfully developed across the population.”

Earlier in the day, the Prime Minister told parliamentarians that there was a “compulsory case” against the organization.

He acknowledged the “unjust feelings of the people” about the layers they had placed, while pointing out that the government could look at small areas when deciding on plots in the future.

Mr Johnson has promised to pay $ 1,000 to non-food pubs in December.

However, the British Beer & Pub Association has stated on its own that “there is nowhere to block thousands of pub closures”.

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