Brexit News Live: The latest updates on the contract warning issued by the OECD

EU chief negotiator Michael Barnier arrives in London for talks

The OECD has warned that failing to strike an EU trade deal would have a “severe” blow to the UK economy and “severely negative impact on trade, productivity and jobs in the long run,” and Michael Cowe acknowledged that the Brexit talks were “gaining”. To the wire below ”.

With just 30 days to go before the end of the transition period, Commerce Secretary Alok Sharma has outlined for nearly five million companies “the key steps they need to take” and urged them to prepare for new documents and procedures. A new frontier operation center to ease “short-term disruptions”. Davos, Ireland, has been banned from delays until February, joining Labor in accusing the UK government of imposing a “very important” burden on businesses.

Meanwhile, without any worries about the price of Downing Street regulations, the 70 Tories are expected to revolt against the government over its new corona virus stratification, saying it is impossible to make any “meaningful” predictions about their economic impact. Labor and the SNP are expected to withdraw during Tuesday’s referendum.


Prime Minister Manmohan Singh addresses a vote on sanctions

Boris Johnson is now making his case publicly for the new corona virus regulations.

Meanwhile, contradictory predictions have the extent of an accidental Tory uprising, with key locking suspect Steve Baker rejecting suggestions that the figure could hit three figures.

Andy Gregory1 December 2020 13:01


‘Scotland wants to return’: Nicola Sturgeon sends message to EU leaders

“Within a month, Scotland will be forced – against our will – to have a very distant relationship with our friends across the EU,” Ms Sturgeon said. “So, before we go any further, I would like to send this message to our European friends and neighbors.

“Who you are – always will be – a part of who we are. You are not far from us. Thank you to those of you who have come here from other countries to live with us. Please stay.

“Scotland wants to return to the rest of the EU. We hope to do so soon as an independent member state.”

Andy Gregory1 December 2020 12:48


What Brexit bumps line the road after the current negotiations?

With immediate trade negotiations coming to an end, Brexit is set to consume government and business resources for years to come.

Joe Marshall, a senior researcher at the Institute for Government Think Tank, holds this book in the following steps:

“The complex patchwork of deadlines for preparing for government and business – 2021 and beyond is well bitten by changes” and he describes different deadlines on each side of the channel.

Further negotiations and decisions need to be made on trade, Northern Ireland protocol, EU immigration and domestic policy are already in place, Mr Marshall points out, companies are accidentally conflicting with these rapidly changing rules, raising serious questions around enforcement.

Andy Gregory1 December 2020 12:25


Cabinet convenes ahead of Commonwealth Corona virus vote

Boris Johnson meets with cabinet ministers ahead of a referendum on the new corona virus.

Our video team has produced this report:

Cabinet meeting ahead of Commons Govt


Reports of ‘secret corona virus document’ raise questions about government confidence in parliamentarians

With reports that the government is sitting on a “secret” document on the impact of the corona virus – after the release of the 40-page document last night, it said a “meaningful” analysis of its terms was impossible – New StatesmanStephen Bush says he believes the government’s position is that “the average Tory MP is too dumb to reach the same conclusion with the same results.”

Meanwhile, Bristol West’s Labor MP was more confused by the apparent decision to leak than to release the reported findings.

Andy Gregory1 December 2020 12:05


Exclusive: EU citizens face Brexit ‘discrimination’ from landowners and employers, warns Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan warns that landowners and employers will discriminate against EU citizens who do not complete our policy Brexit registration documents on time. John Stone Reports.

The mayor of London provoked the threat of the Windrush scandal on Monday, urging Europeans to sign the government’s settlement plan before Christmas to avoid problems.

Read the full exclusive report here:

Andy Gregory1 December 2020 11:51


Our political teacher Andrew Woodcock Contains additional information on the OECD’s poor analysis of the impact of non – contract Brexit.

Andy Gregory1 December 2020 11:41


Production growth is increasing, but Brexit continues to show uncertainty about recovery

The manufacturing sector grew at the fastest rate in 35 months in November as suppliers kept stock before the end of the Brexit transition period and reopened following the closure of the Corona virus earlier this year, according to new data from the closely followed BMI index.

IHS compiling the survey. Rob Dobson, director of the market, said: “It is very uncertain whether production will be able to sustain production for the new year, especially as the temporary incentives for the Brexit purchase and stock structure dwindle.”

And Duncan Brock, board director of the charter firm Procurement and Supply, acknowledged that there was little in the way of figures to suggest a sustainable recovery, warning that “new business could pull off a cliff in January because border disruptions will be thrown into the mix.” .

Andy Gregory1 December 2020 11:19


The pound is rising three-month high against the dollar

The pound has risen above 34 1.34 for the first time in three months, indicating that investors are optimistic that a Brexit deal will end.

While most major investment banks say a deal is their central forecast, some believe that the UK will vote out as some investors point out that Wall Street and the City of London are not badly prepared for the 2016 referendum.

Andy Gregory1 December 2020 10:54


Michael Covey enters the ‘substantial food’ line by claiming Scotch eggs ‘with pickles and salad’ as a starter

As the weary public understands how to explain the new rules of government, consumers can only enjoy a “substantial meal” of drinks, and the ministers who make such decisions also publicly contradict each other.

This naturally led to Michael Cove, the “Heart Trench”, discussing his preferred way of eating Scotch eggs

Michael Cove fails to describe a ‘substantial meal’ after grilling from Pierce Morgan

My co-worker, Vincent Wood, Here are the details:

Andy Gregory1 December 2020 10:44

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