Steven Gerrard offered the Dark Rangers challenge, but the Liverpool legend is excited

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard says the value of assets on his Glasgow Rangers squad is not as bad as the Ibrax club’s worst financial crisis.

Last week the Scottish Premiership side revealed their accounts for the fiscal year ending June 30, which had a major impact on the COVID-19 epidemic balance.

With the Corona virus having about m 10 million in lost revenue, the Rangers increased their operating loss from 6 11.6 million to 9 15.9 million by banning fans at stadiums.

Scottish football is one of the most heavily relied on league day earnings in Europe, with Rangers fans accounting for 60 per cent of the club’s revenue last year, having to play against the backdrop of several games closed at the end of last campaign.

Although operating losses rose $ 4.3 million to $ 15.9 million over the previous year, the Ibrax side were able to increase their revenue by 11 percent to $ 59 million, mostly thanks to Gerrard leading his side to the last 16 of the Europa League 20.7m

Rangers directors will pay another club $ 20 million by the end of next season, but despite the financial situation seeming dark, fans have not been allowed back on the field as a result of the outbreak, Gerrard believes the value of some of their key assets such as Colombian striker Alfredo Morelos and former Liverpool Man Ryan Kent, means that there is a possibility of making money in a fall.

“Board support has been fantastic since the first day I actually came in.” Gerard told the Daily Record.

“As for the numbers, there are some things you need to keep in mind over time. If we had accepted the bid for one of our big assets they would have been very different.

“The important thing we need to know is that this team is in a much better position than it was when we came through the door.

“The team is now scattered with big assets. That team is worth a lot of money now compared to what it was now.”

Since Gerrard’s return to the Kerr hotspot in 2018, the Liverpool captain has allowed staff costs to allow him to form a team to challenge Celtic.

They have invested in the team with large transfer fees, signed with the likes of Khmer Rouge, but their net cost is higher than that of rivals Celtic, often with the green half of Glasgow focusing more on selling a key asset each season, from Kieran Tyrney to Arsenal.

The financial situation means that pressure is mounting for Gerrard and his team to advance in Europe, and with the possibility of a 11-point gap next season between Celtic and Champions League football next year, Kerr directors could suspend sales of their valuable assets to ensure they achieve the primary trophy competition and major financial benefits of European club football. Exclude, Stages with the appearance of panel levels worth 13.5m Alone.

Gerrard said: “Europe has always been important to a club like the Rangers because of the history and big European nights that have gone before the supporters, they enjoy doing what they do, watching their team in Europe and following their team in the near and far.

“So from a football perspective, there will always be a responsibility and expectation to continue as a Rangers manager and perform better every year.

“I mean, the more money we make or the more we advance in competitions, the better if it helps from a financial perspective. That’s always the goal.

“The team and I are on the same page. Now we’re happy where the team is. But we both know there is still a lot of work to do to get where we want to be.”

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