Mohamed Salah will have to wait to get what he wants from Liverpool

For the second time in a month, Mohammed Salah’s message was subtle.

But it was not enough for Liverpool to lose its identity going forward.

His comments to the Spanish publication AS caused a tea storm within 30 days, Wrong He once again provided acceptable soundbites for his long-term projects.

Interview with TV2, a Norwegian television station, prior to Sunday’s visit from Manchester United. Top-table conflict.

He also gave his verdict on the paralyzed injury crisis, which is why playing in front of any supporters is not the best.

In true sala style, the Egyptian star did little to shake the boats because he said the right things and presented a positive view.

If they do not repeat the same line from last month’s conversation with IS, his comments on his own plans can be seen in the same vein.

Salah rarely does interviews, so within a month the two will always spark the interest of Reds supporters.

This is his fourth season as a Liverpool player, and the man, affectionately known as the ‘Egyptian King’, was suspended in post-match mixed zones and spoke to reporters twice.

This is the first time in 2018 that the deal has ended to stop chatting after scoring his 40th Liverpool goal.

Second is after he won the Champions League in June 2019.

Spend two minutes with Salah in front of the recorders.

Beyond contractual obligations, he likes to speak on the pitch.

Occasionally, when he feels he has something to say, he will do it even if he is careful in what he says when the time is right.

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“It’s a tough one, but now I can tell everything is in the hands of the club.” Salah said in December About how long he wants to be a Liverpool player.

“Of course I want to break records here, every achievement in the club, but everything is in the hands of the club.

“I think I’ve broken a few records. I want to break all the records for the club. It would be great.”

Of course, there was a compelling question about Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Must read Liverpool FC news

It was expected due to the appearance of the Sala-speaking release, but as the Red Winger pays homage to the Spanish legends, come and get me.

“I think Madrid and Barcelona are the best clubs,” he said.

“We never knew what was going to happen in the future, but now I’m focused on winning the Premier League and the Champions League again with my club.”

The latest news reiterates that Liverpool is in the hands.

“If you ask [me], I say I want to stay here as long as possible, but as I said before it is in the hands of the club, “Salah Said over the weekend.

“I will always give 100 per cent to the last minute I am in this club and I want to win as many trophies as I can.

“I want to give people 100 percent. They always love me.”

While the words are not immediately shocking, it is no doubt another blow to Liverpool court.

Anfield officials are likely to be relaxed about the current situation.

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Salah’s most recent rules were signed in the summer of 2018, which means he has two and a half years to go before leaving Liverpool.

There’s plenty of time to find a resolution that Salah seems to be referring to, but given the way events have played out elsewhere at Anfield, it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon.

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Take a look at the situation in Guinea-Bissau.

The midfielder is comfortable within the final six months of his own five-year contract, signed in July 2016, and is free to talk to other teams about a pre-contract contract.

It is a strange situation that such an important member of the team has been allowed to see his contract dwindle in his final months at Anfield.

There are others who, like Salah, have signed their own contracts, and with some justification, may feel that the new terms should come to them as well.

Players like Virgil van Dijk, Alison Becker and Bobbinho, joined the club during a hurricane, making 2018 the most expensive year.

You will all consider themselves right Combined with the Liverpool cause, Any new contract will result in improved pay.

At one point in the Jர்கrgen Globe The financial pinch is no secret Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally?

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Salah may continue to subtly explain his position, but Liverpool are likely to play the game they have been waiting for for now.

Not only for their best goal scorer.

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