Govt-19: Prime Minister’s ‘Winter Plan’ at a Glance: What to Expect When the Lock Ends | UK News

Boris Johnson is expected to announce his plan for the winter on Monday, which includes a multi-tier system of local regulations for the UK.

Ministers will set out on which layer each area will be placed on Thursday.

Members of parliament are expected to vote in the days before the new system takes effect when the national lockout ends on December 2.

What will the new system look like?

The country will move back to the three-tier system of regional restrictions that was in effect from October 14 to November 5.

Although many local measures will remain the same as before, layers will be strengthened in some areas to protect the profits made during the national lockout.

Operations under Tier 1, 2 and 3 of the UK Locking System

What is the original three-tier system?

Layer 1 (middle): Rule six if met internally or externally; Pubs and restaurants will be closed at 10 p.m.

Layer 2 (high): No home mix inside; Six rules apply outside; Pubs and restaurants will be closed at 10 p.m.

Layer 3 (highest): not mixed indoors or in some outdoor areas; Non-food pubs and bars are closed

What is expected at Christmas?

Many homes – possibly three – may be allowed to build a bubble temporarily from Dec. 22 to 28.

Reports suggest that these projects will cover all four countries in the UK.

Restrictions on church services may also be removed by allowing Christmas Day services.

But ministers have made it clear that the festive period will be normal, though no plans have been made yet.

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How long will the new system last?

Government-promising restrictions could be gradually reduced in the spring, with vaccine providers being approved by regulators, allowing the program to begin next month before a broader plan for the new year.

But with no vaccines approved, it is not yet clear when the rollout will begin.

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