Gran Turismo 7 – Race an AI named Sophy

Gran Turismo 7Players can look forward to taking on a super AI rival known as “Gran Turismo Sophy” thanks to the boom in AI development.

GT Sophy was created by Sony AI and manufactured in collaboration with developer Gran Turismo Polyphony Digital. It has been in development for the past five years. Sophy is a new indie AI player trained to beat the world’s best GT drivers. It uses an entirely new artificial intelligence algorithm that has enabled Sony to create an advanced and realistic competitor – something that has never been possible before.

Unlike typical AI competitors, interact and act Gran Turismo Sophie As a real person, he must master three basic leadership skills using deep learning (the process of iterating and learning endless scenarios until you get the best result).

“Gran Turismo Sophy is an important development step in artificial intelligence, aiming not only to be better than human players, but also to contribute with a stimulating competitor that can boost players’ technology and creativity to a new level and develop,” he said. Kitano, CEO of Sony AI. “In addition to making a significant contribution to the gaming community, we believe this new breakthrough opens up new opportunities in areas such as autonomous driving and high-speed robotics and control.”

Create a superhuman competitor

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Credit: Sony Computer Interactive Entertainment

The first element Sophie had to master was driving the car itself. Sophie had to understand the car’s dynamics, line selection and precise maneuvering to master challenging circuits. After that, Sophie had to learn the tactics of running. Decisions must be made in hundreds of seconds to deal with ever-changing situations, so GT Sophy had to understand tactical moves like harnessing air resistance to pass and lie in front of opponents, and defensive maneuvers like blocking.

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But Sophie is perhaps the most human trait she has in learning etiquette. GT Sophy is trained to adhere to the rules of the sport so you don’t literally drift off the field.

These three key principles are achieved in conjunction with Sony Computer Entertainment Interactive’s cloud-based gaming infrastructure. So Sophie can follow along and learn from thousands of scenarios.

Sophie takes first place

(Image credit: Polyphony Digital)

© Provided by Ditching
(Image credit: Polyphony Digital)

The results of GT Sophy learning and development over time have resulted in AI consistently outperforming the world’s best GT drivers. In an event in July 2021, Sophie lost 86 to 70. But in an event in October 2021, Gran Turismo Sophy beat the best drivers in the world by a solid margin – 52 points to 104.

Sophy’s main advantage is not that Sony has created an incredibly difficult CPU competitor to beat, but an energetic and highly skilled competitor seen as a human player.

After the match against Sophie, FIA Gran Turismo 2020 champion Takuma Miyazono stated: “I completely forgot that I was playing against an AI. It was incredibly fun. I would like to play more against this opponent in the future.”

Emily Jones, a 2020 FIA Gran Turismo Championship finalist, noted that GT Sophy’s technologies have given her more knowledge about what she can improve behind the wheel. “It was very exciting to experience GT Sophie’s running style,” said Jones. “I got an incredible amount of inspiration from her.”

But can we look forward to competing against GT Sophy in Gran Turismo 7 in the future? Yes, this is the direct answer. But there was no telling when this super-intelligence would get in our way. When Sophie finally arrives, she will be able to change the way we drive with computer assistance forever.

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