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Leiden Nicole van Os was awarded on Valentine’s Day. She receives an academic kiss for her fight against temporary contracts in union consultations with the university.

The Public Education Association’s annual award is given to people who make an effort to improve working conditions in higher education. This time around, AOb is partnering with Casual Academy and 0.7 Business Group.

For the first time, the winner was determined by lottery. The Wheel of Digital Wealth was used during the award ceremony. After all, the five nominees have already passed the jury’s evaluation. “With this draw, we demonstrate that the success rate is therefore more luck than commitment or ability,” AOb CEO Marijtje Jongsma explains.

The need for researchers

The raffle is a commentary on the “Circus Prize” where researchers are required to secure grants and grants. They have few options. “It’s not about additives, it’s about a necessity for researchers,” Jongsma says. According to her, the five appointments show what a “tool box” is to achieve better working conditions for each other.

Lottery winner, study coordinator Nicole van Os, is the head of local consultancy in Leiden, where she advocates permanent work contracts. Do not agree to involve self-employed teachers in formal education. “This group is not covered by the collective labor agreement and is at risk.” She identified the scope of the problem at the Academic Language Center at Leiden University and managed to turn the tide there.

There were four (equal) candidates. The jury sees Paula Weckert, Professor of Language Acquisition and Phonology, as a “real warrior with unbridled energy” in her role as chair of the Recognition Committee at Radboud University Nijmegen. And according to the jury, she made it happen in a special way by having someone from Young Academy co-chair. “I want to be a leader in the service of the group,” says Wickert himself. She is committed to stopping the “rat race” in science.

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defecation leaflets

According to the jury, the podcast “I’m Going” by Steve Dengemans and Sunny Friesren is also commendable. The duo wants to show the podcasters what they missed out on because of the adage “You are what you post.” According to Frequin, science is more than just “leaflets that shit.” They hope that education and research will be better combined.

Professors Erwin van der Krabben and Arnoud Lagendijk were in a cradle Urban and Regional Research Center (centaur). In this way they help postdocs get a permanent “conditional” appointment: as long as there is money for the project, they get a permanent job. “We are now a real research proposal machine,” says van der Kraben.

beautiful thing

Attorney Tuan Christine was put in the spotlight for denouncing the entire temporary appointment system. He successfully challenged the “questionable extension” of the temporary appointment of a lecturer at Leiden University. Tuan thought it was a “nice thing” to bite. “We cleared the way for other teachers, although there are still too many temporary appointees,” he says.

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