Greta Thunberg unexpectedly appeared on stage at the Glastonbury Music Festival


Greta Thunberg stepped onto the stage of the British music festival Glastonbury on Saturday afternoon without warning. The Swedish climate activist has criticized world leaders and asked the public to take action against climate change.

source: BELGA

Thunberg, 19, has set her sights on world leaders. “They say they are doing something about the problem, while they are doing the opposite,” Al-Suwaidi said. “They can claim that they want the best for the climate, and at the same time they are expanding their country’s fossil infrastructure. They can say they are doing everything they can for the climate and at the same time they are opening new coal-fired power plants or building oil pipelines.”

“We are approaching the abyss,” said Thunberg, who appeared on the main stage where former Beatles Paul McCartney will perform later on Saturday. “Don’t let us come within an inch of the abyss.”

The climate activist believes that young people should make a difference. “So far, generations have failed us.” Greed and selfishness, according to Thunberg, allowed a small part of humanity to make unimaginable profits at the expense of the entire population of the world. “But now you and I have a historic responsibility to turn the tide.

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