Grondenfruit Huys is pleased to defer British import requirements

According to Grondenfruit Huis, the British government’s decision to postpone strict import requirements for at least six months due to Brexit was the result of successful lobbying.

In a press release, the Interest Committee for the Dutch Fruit and Vegetable Trade Firms responds with satisfaction to this announcement. UK Border Operating Model. It says planning to introduce stricter import requirements will be adjusted. Grontenfruit Hewis calls for the postponement of the obligation to issue phyto certificates, thus claiming that the 100 per cent inspection duty on the Dutch side is the largest profit until January 1, 2022.

Grondenfruit Whois says it has always sent a clear signal to its customers in the United Kingdom that its members will not export if they are unable to reach their goods with greater certainty. Businesses want to sell their products elsewhere.

The main role of the lobby

‘Our direct lobbying for the United Kingdom and lobbying with other trade organizations played a key role in this decision,’ says Grontonfruit Huis. “Our continued contacts with the Dutch Agricultural Council in London have confirmed that important concerns have been brought to the attention of the British Government.”

Grondenfruit Huis concludes that the British eventually realized that the current trade processes were seriously endangered. Until the end, a lot of work was done on ACD systems to process the large flow of phyto certificates. However, British traders had no confidence in implementing these systems in the sales chains and left at the last minute, says Groentenfruit Hois.

In the newly proposed timetable for introducing stricter import requirements, a simplified tariff notification is possible until the end of this year. In addition, the required safety and security reports and physical examinations of high-risk foods and high-risk plants will only be established by 2022.

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The best process solutions

Grondenfruit Huis says the adjusted schedule is more challenging, but gives more time to prepare for the extreme needs of any occasion. The organization says it has been advocating for some time for better process solutions for exports to the United Kingdom. Its purpose is the digital flow of certificates and an inspection approach, thus requiring additional control over risk based.

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