Guy Verhofstadt describes the European Union’s vaccination strategy as “a failure”

European Parliament member Guy Verhofstadt (Open VLD) has strongly criticized the European Union’s vaccination policy. He did it in a video on social media, which is now picked up by foreign media.

The uncomfortable truth behind vaccination failures in the European UnionIt is the title of the nine-minute video that Verhofstadt posted on his Facebook page last weekend.

Verhofstadt begins with his video: “They say that love makes him blind, but that is not the case in politics.” I love the European Union, no doubt about that. But this does not mean that we should turn a blind eye to what is happening, but rather the opposite. Former prime minister suggests vaccination strategy. “It’s a total failure,” he says.

Verhofstadt thinks the start of vaccinations is significantly reduced after two months. “In many countries, it has almost reached a dead end in recent days.” He believes there is a huge contrast to Europe’s production capacity. “Europe is the world leader in vaccine production. More than 75 percent worldwide are produced in Europe. However, there is a large deficit in almost every member state in Europe. We don’t see that in the US, Canada, or the UK. Only per cent of EU citizens already have their first dose, compared to 20 per cent in the UK.

Due to the latter reference, various British media have also mentioned the video message from Verhofstadt. After all, as a member of the European Parliament, he is known for his opposition to Brexit, which he now considers an outstanding example.

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