Vaccinations are placed in Aruba • OMT: AstraZeneca is not discontinued due to the South African variant

Today, OMT also gives advice on quick tests for events or visiting restaurants, for example. It is recommended to maintain a maximum validity of 24 hours for one-time activities where test certificates are required, calculated from the test administration until the end of the activity.

It is recommended that this test be performed on a person without complaints on the day of activity.

But what’s important, OMT says, is that evidence of a negative test cannot completely rule out the virus. For example, there may be asymptomatic cases of people who have not been diagnosed with coronavirus but who are contagious. This risk should be clearly reported, according to the OMT team. It also needs to be clearly communicated about the length of validity for rapid tests. Additionally, attendees must also observe generally established measures to prevent contamination.

It read, “False negative test results occur mainly at the beginning and end of a person’s infection. The result of a false negative test in a person who is at the end of the infectious period has fewer consequences.” “In particular, false negative test results at the start of infection can lead to secondary transmission.”

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