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The last six months have been mostly quiet for Nintendo. Christmas reports are big Super Mario 3D All-Star, A collection of three redesigned games, and Hirol Warriors: Age of Disaster, A spin-off from Zelda. Will the next six months be different? We are going to find out.

Nintendo DirectX, The Japanese gaming company “First Half of 2021” now has a presentation announcing the games you play on your switch.

How to see

It’s simple: here!

If YouTube is not your thing, you can also watch Nintendo Direct Nintendo Twitch Or she Website

What do you expect

Nintendo says let’s look at the news about this Super Smash Brothers. Ultimate – Probably Reveals the next character In addition, we will see New Pokemon Snap, No Scheduled for release on April 30thWe can also see the Retro Star Wars game Republican Order Is coming to changeBut it’s a 50-minute show, which is longer than last July’s show Nintendo DirectX MiniSo we expect at least one wonderful revelation.

For that we need more DLC. Pokemon sword and shieldThe second of two previously announced expansion packs has been released Last OctoberWith the last few restructured Mario releases – 3D All-Stars and Wii U earlier this month Three-dimensional world – Our favorite plumber embarks on a new adventure. In addition, we always have the opportunity to see more Breath of Wild 2 Or even Metro Prime4

“Something else” advertising is never a game. Gossip plant for several months Whispered New Nintendo Switch with 4K functionality. No. Change the light, But a tough switch. (It will never be called.)

Start times

Nintendo Direct launches 2:00 pm PDT / 5:00 pm Wednesday, February 17th. If you are inside United Kingdom-You have to wait until Wednesday night at 10:00 p.m.Over AustraliansThe Nintendo Direct takes place on Thursday, February 18th 9 a.m. EST

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