Important documents about the nuclear submarine have been left in the pub

Documents on a nuclear submarine classified as ‘sensitive’ have been found in the toilet of a pub in Barrow-in-Furness, UK. The British Ministry of Defense confirmed the authenticity of these documents to the newspaper the sun.

The pub is located near the shipyard owned by BAE Systems, the manufacturer of HMS Anson. This nuclear-powered submarine belongs to the Royal Navy, the United Kingdom’s military fleet, and costs around 1.3 billion pounds, or 1.47 billion euros.

‘Sensitive’ documents found at Pub

According to the ministry, these are documents designed for training purposes and do not contain any classified information. “These documents are designed to help us understand how systems interact. They don’t describe how they work, these systems exist the sun A source from the Royal Navy. However, according to the newspaper, a source said: “It was lucky that a Russian spy didn’t find them.”

According to the newspaper, the pub was packed with pub-goers. “It looks like someone took the pages from the boat and read them,” said ex-submarine captain Ryan Ramsey. the sun. They will be ‘general practice documents’. However, a Navy spokesman said, “We take all safety concerns very seriously and will investigate the circumstances in which they are discovered.”

British military records made public

However, this is not the first time British military records have been made public. In June 2021, a Ministry of Defense employee left classified documents at a bus stop in Kent. It contained details of covert operations for British special forces in Afghanistan after the US withdrawal.

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‘Sensitive’ documents on nuclear submarine found in British pub toilet

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