Pop star Ed Sheeran defends himself in plagiarism case by playing (single guitar chords from) “Thinking Out Loud” in court

How long has something been stolen? How justified are these lawsuits?

“If the elements are very similar, there may be a suspicion that something has been ‘stolen’,” says Josephien Vanherbe, a professor of law at KU Leuven. “When a lawsuit is filed, musicologists are called in to perform detailed analyzes and investigate whether they are The original items have already been taken. In Belgium there are not many issues, in the United States or the United Kingdom, on the other hand, there are. It is absurd how much exclusivity is claimed over the building blocks that everyone uses.”

However, it is difficult to cover your business against such claims. “Especially if your music is very successful,” continues Vanherpe. “Just look at Adele, Taylor Swift, or Katy Perry. The hit song of the “Dark Horse” singer may sound like a song no one has ever heard before. This action has made the unprecedented song even more famous. You might be wondering: are people convinced their music has been stolen Or is it a commercial move for money?

“What you can do as an artist is deposit your work in a sealed envelope MySabam.be Can you make such a deposit and set a specific date for your work. But you can never have complete certainty.

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