Gwen and Lianne were obsessed with healthy food: ‘I avoided all social events’

What is Orthorexia?

Orthorexia nervosa is described as a mental disorder in which you are obsessed with healthy eating. You then eliminate all kinds of foods from your diet because you fear eating unhealthy foods and focus more on healthy foods.

“It often starts innocently, focusing on the desire to live healthier through diet or exercise,” says clinical psychologist Ravian Veenstra of Human Concern, GGZ Treatment Center for Eating Disorders. “Everyone thinks sometimes: After eating a lot for two days at Christmas, I’m going to have a salad the next day and I’m going to exercise a little more.” This does not mean that you have orthotics right away.

When does your relationship with food become a problem? “For example, if you start to feel anxious or guilty because you ate carbs or… fat thing breaded.Another example mentioned by Ravian: If you notice that you don’t want to go on a date with a friendRBecause it will cook for you so you have no control over what what will you eat “.

At some point, you might only think of one thing: food. “It might make you feel better at first, but eventually you’ll stumble and find that you can’t do the things that were normal before. In the field of nutrition and social life

Plus, your body will eventually respond. “There are many experts and diet gurus out there who claim what is healthy and what is unhealthy, but ultimately your body also tells you what you need.” For example, do you suffer from fatigue, hair loss, or are you constantly hungry? Then it can be an indication that you have a certain deficiency One of the important nutrients incurred.

Orthorexia is not currently a recognized mental disorder/classification according to the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), because there is no established definition and criteria for this eating disorder. However, orthotics can have a huge impact on your life and it can also develop into anorexia, for example.

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