Rishi Sunak leads the race to succeed Boris Johnson

There are now 101 Conservative MPs who support the candidacy of former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak to lead the party. Suella Braverman didn’t receive enough support in today’s voting round to make it to the next round.

Thus, whoever leads the Conservative Party will also become the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Rishi Sunak sees his lead widening and he now has the support of 101 out of 358 conservative MPs. In second place came Benny Mordaunt (83 votes). Secretary of State Liz Truss completed the top three with 64 votes.

The latter has continued to support Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a very long time and is seen as a hard right-winger. On the other hand, Sunak was one of the men who unleashed a wave of layoffs within the Johnson government last week, bringing its downfall permanently.

September 5

Further in the race are Kimi Badenouch (49 votes) and Tom Tugendhat (32 votes) to lead the party. There are now five candidates to succeed Johnson.

A vote among MPs on Monday would remove another name from that list. The person with the fewest number of votes leaves the election campaign. It will always be the deputies who will vote back home for the least preferred candidate until there are two left. It will be clear which one on July 21.

In the final round, all members of the Conservative Party may elect the two best candidates as leader. After that vote, scheduled for September 5, it will be clear who will replace Johnson in Downing Street.

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