Hannah Verbaum is once again drawing attention to mental health

Today – on “Blue Monday” – marks exactly one year since Hannah Verbaum made the documentary Together from the shadows Launched. The taboo surrounding mental health was central. The documentary caused quite a stir at the time, and now Hannah is taking her next step Together from the shadows-a movement.

Hannah Verbaum is once again drawing attention to mental health on Blue Monday

It’s dark, rainy, icy cold and in some places some (wet) snow. The third Monday of the new year is referred to as “the gloomy day of the year” or “blue Monday.” It’s the perfect moment for actress, director and Cinetree founder Hanna Verboom to bring attention back to mental health. Exactly one year ago, Hanna released the documentary Together from the shadows. She has conducted research on the taboos surrounding mental health and new “more human” trends in psychiatry.

This isn’t the first time Hannah Verbaum has spoken out about mental health. Origin Out of the shadowsmovement in 2021, after Hannah herself announced her diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Thousands of reactions – including appreciative ones – have poured in to this first documentary. This is actually not surprising, because more than 43% of Dutch people will have to deal with psychological vulnerabilities in their lives.

Festival of shadow

This was the starting signal for Hanna to launch a second documentary; Out of the shadows So. This documentary was also a huge success. Then I also found one Out of the shadowsThe festival was held which also attracted a lot of enthusiasm. For this reason, Hanna Verboom has now decided that a second edition of this festival should be held. On Friday 28 and Saturday 29 June, Buitenplaats de Hoorneboeg in Hilversum will once again focus on mental health. But this year, the festival will be expanded to two days, with a special focus on mental health among young people on the second day.

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curious? You can purchase festival tickets here. Documentary Out of the shadows It can still be watched for free on Cinetree.

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