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Good news,” SGP leader Kees van der Steig tweeted on Tuesday after the House passed his proposal, which was approved by Gert Jan Segers (CU) and Raymond de Roon (PVV). What was that? Well, it’s been clear for a while Long that UN agencies disproportionately pass resolutions against the Jewish state.Since 2015, for example, the UN Human Rights Council has scored 112. By comparison: North Korea has got six in the same period, Syria has eight, Turkey, Venezuela and China Zero. In 2020 alone, 73.9% of all Human Rights Council convictions were against Israel. So yes, we may be talking about disproportionate. In 2017, van der Steig made a motion to counter this injustice. The Council approved it and the motion passed .

But voting behavior in the Netherlands has not changed. exactly the contrary.

Contrary to custom – that is, the Netherlands generally agrees with Germany – it has decided, despite this proposal, to vote more regularly against Israel than our eastern neighbours. Our last representative to the United Nations, Karel van Oostrom, who is now ambassador to the United Kingdom, said at the time that he was following Dutch foreign policy. According to Buzza, his successor, Jock Brandt, who was a former deputy director of UNICEF New York, is now doing just as well. How does voting behavior relate to the proposal passed by Van der Staaij in 2017?

So last week SGP MP tried again. The motion calls for no more cowardly abstention in another anti-Israel proposal, “but also against Unilateral initiatives against Israel. This proposal was also passed. Let’s see if the State Department is listening to the wishes of the House of Representatives this time, or is it stubborn and the East Indies are still deaf.

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In line with this: the United Nations holds a party in September under the title Durban IV To “celebrate” the 2001 anti-racism conference in Durban, South Africa, which turned out to be an anti-Semitic rant. Then Jewish human rights organizations were prevented from attending the meetings and members were physically and verbally threatened. The closing statement was so anti-Semitic that the official Dutch delegation, like many other Western countries, also packed its bags. A number of countries have already indicated that they will not be present at the September celebration with this smudge. Let’s see what the Netherlands will do.

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