Harry and Meghan were not welcome in the procession after King Charles’ coronation

As the coronation of King Charles approaches, let’s start the countdown. The time has come in May, and the (royal) guests can prepare for the multi-day royal event. Harry and Meghan – to the surprise of many – received an invitation to the coronation, but that invitation did not apply to the post-coronation procession.


Experts say it is questionable whether Harry and Meghan will be invited to King Charles’ coronation in May after their much-discussed eviction from Frogmore Cottage. After Harry in his book Save Revealing intimate details about his fractured relationship with his father and brother and his reason for abdicating the royal family, Charles no longer wants to invite Harry to the coronation. However, an invitation was recently sent to the US, a spokesperson for Harry and Meghan said. The Sunday Times.

As of today, it is still unclear whether Harry and Meghan will actually travel to the United Kingdom for the coronation. Indeed, their presence is now in question as it is clear that they were not invited to the procession at Westminster Abbey after the coronation. It suggests that the plans for the procession may have been leaked The Times.


During this important part of the ceremony, important members of the royal family walk together in procession. Harry and Meghan have no room for this. The explanation for this is that only ‘working members’ of the British Royal Family are allowed to accompany. William and Kate, for example, are walking, as are their offspring, George, Charlotte and Louis. Apart from Harry and Meghan, Prince Andrew is not welcome in the procession. Also missing are daughters Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

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The main reason Harry and Meghan will not attend the coronation is because their children, Lilybet and Archie, have yet to receive an official invitation. Sussex may be dropped because of this.

Source: Dragonfly, Deadline | Image: NL Image

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